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Dog walking

We always try our best to take our lovely canine friends somewhere beautiful and different to where they’re usually walked, whether it’s up on the moors or deep in a quiet woodland. We believe this is what sets us apart from the rest. The hour starts from the time we get to the location; it doesn’t include travelling about, drying off and giving them water when back at the car. Your dog will walk for the full hour and sometimes longer at no extra charge! (Please note: All services are plus £8 for any additional dogs from the same household.) 

  • 1-hour group walk (up to 4 dogs) = £14.00 

Dogs on group walks must be comfortable and non-reactive when walking and during car travel (separate crates) with other dogs and must have a good level of recall so they can be let off to play with the others in an open safe space.

  • 1-hour solo walk = £22.00 

(Recommended for reactive or nervous dogs with little or no recall) The dogs on solo walks will have a long line or extended lead in open spaces when no other dogs are around. I like to enrich their walks with a little training on the lead.

  • 30-minute solo walk = £12.00

This walk usually takes place from your home address around the area for a quick bit of exercise just to get them out of the house for 30 minutes. Recommended in the morning or later evenings. 

  • 1-hour beach walks (group dogs only) = £25.00 

Very popular! This is on selected days and usually once a month. Includes a tasty snack and travel, which is around an hour to Ainsdale to run free with the other dogs in a different environment with new smells and sandy toes! 🐾

How does it work? 

I will always arrange a meet and greet beforehand, so I can answer any questions you may have. There is also a short registration form to fill in and sign. Then when we have decided on a date for your dog’s first walk, I come to your home address, collect your dog and drive them to a lovely location*, walk them for the hour, then bring them home, well walked, clean and dry! 

*30-minute walk. Usually I walk just from your home address. 

I am fully insured and this includes key cover, so some clients prefer to leave me with a key or leave the key in a safe place.

Pet Sitting & Pet Taxi

  • Drop-in service £12.00 (20/30 minutes)

Drop-ins, puppy visits, cat visits, small animals and elderly dog care helps out a lot with any chores whilst you’re out and about. Cleaning any mess, cleaning cages or crates, feeding, fresh water, administering medication. Letting the dogs out for the toilet and giving them some attention and treats. 

  • Pet taxi £15.00 call-out charge + £2 per mile

Great for vet or grooming appointments. I will sit and wait until the appointment is finished or come back to collect when complete, depending on how long. 

Please note, and a friendly reminder
All prices listed are within a 5-mile radius of Bolton town centre. Any further distance is £2 per extra mile.

Please note that, although we have a lot of experience, are doggy first aid trained and have trained our own dogs to a high standard with many years’ experience, we are not qualified dog trainers… yet! We are purely there to help exercise, stimulate, socialise and have fun with your dog. We have to mention, any dogs who aren’t trained to a reasonable standard (ie minimal pulling on lead, no lunging, no barking, no aggression, no dominant behaviour or poor recall) may be asked to be walked solo. This has been decided to keep your dog, the public and us walkers as safe as possible!

Although we keep dogs on a lead in busy areas, it’s super important for us that we let them off for at least half the walk, to just be a dog, to explore and to play together, so a good level of recall is so important. Dogs are pack animals and tend to want to all stick together. So hopefully your dog’s recall will even improve with us, but the initial foundation and response needs to be there for it to work successfully as a group.

Some days your dog will be walked in a group of up to 4 per 1 walker, so we must ensure all of the dogs in our care first and foremost are safe, content and super comfortable being around other dogs. We know all dogs have their flaws and some are much faster learners than others, so we will try our very best to match your dog with other dogs that complement them and will only suggest solo walks if 100% necessary.

All of the dogs we take on will need a collar on with identification tag when on a walk with us. I also prefer all dogs on a harness, rather than a collar. A dog’s neck is very sensitive so wearing a harness on a walk is much more beneficial. Harnesses I would recommend are Perfect Fit, Ruffwear, Hurrta, Rabbitgoo even do some as a more budget friendly options. If you’re unsure send me a message and I can direct you to a video on how to fit correctly. Please do not be tempted to buy these ‘anti pull’ harnesses as they just restrict the dog’s movement and can cause discomfort and injury over time

We treat all of the dogs we walk as if they were our own; thank you so much for your understanding with this! 🙏🏼


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